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"The book is brilliant, original, sobering and fascinating... extraordinarily important."

John Shoven - Director of the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research


Bill’s Books

The Virtual Corporation: Structuring and Revitalizing the Corporation for the 21st Century
By Bill Davidow and Michael S. Malone

["A genuinely original work. . . Bravo!" ~ Tom Peters]

[“[A] worthwhile prognosis of the successful 21st-century business.” ~ Library Journal]

A fascinating examination of the new strategies used by the most advanced corporations that are propelling the current industrial revolution.

Marketing High Technology
By Bill Davidow

The only comprehensive marketing strategy book by an insider, Marketing High Technology looks behind the scenes at industry-shaking clashes involving Apple and IBM, Visicorp and Lotus, Texas Instruments and National Semiconductor.

Total Customer Service: The Ultimate Weapon
By Bill Davidow and Bro Uttal

Total Customer Service shows why understanding customer service is imperative, how to achieve it, what it costs, and provides a six-point plan for acquiring the decisive weapon in business wars.

Overconnected released January 2011 by Delphinium Books & in e-book formats by Open Road Integrated Media