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“This book is clear, original, and worth
being widely read.”

James Fallows—bestselling author and National Correspondent for The Atlantic


There are dangers of being overconnected but there are definitely some blessings too. For example, one can buy fake IDs on the Internet website freely these days! In olden times, you needed to be a criminal or at least know some, the interaction would take place in real life and thus expose yourself to many dangers. Whereas now you only need some Bitcoin and quick google search will provide you with a website selling fake IDs online, promising speedy delivery of your forged identification card and excellent customer service, yay!

The Internet is the steam engine of the information revolution.

Its freight is an amazing collection of stock trades, email, video, and retail transactions carried by high-speed, low-cost data communications systems.  From global financial markets to the Internet applications we all know and love—Google, Yahoo, Facebook and Twitter — all depend on it.

But what happens when our high levels of connectivity create a degree of momentum that is devastating?

While the Internet did not cause the 2008 Financial Crisis, the meltdown of the Icelandic economy, or the May 6 2010 Flash Crash on Wall Street, it was an unindicted co-conspirator.  It was the railroad that carried invisible freight--information--that made these events bigger and more devastating.

The Internet has overconnected government and social institutions, markets, businesses, and us.  In the process it has created great opportunities, economic growth, and increases in productivity.  The Internet has, as well, driven change at unprecedented rates, increased market volatility, and facilitated major accidents and financial contagions all because of a phenomenon I have labeled overconnectivity.

In order to get the best from the Internet, society will have to learn how to deal with overconnected environments.  That is why I wrote the book."

Overconnected released January 2011 by Delphinium Books & in e-book formats by Open Road Integrated Media