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"The book is a provocative polemic on the miracle and curse of the Internet."

John Doerr - General Partner Kleiner, Perkins, Caulfield, and Byers


Total Customer Service: The Ultimate Weapon

The demand for total customer service continues to roll over businesses like a juggernaut. Companies that master service will triumph; those that ignore it will be swept into bankruptcy.

Total Customer Service (Harper Perennial) shows why understanding customer service is imperative, how to achieve it, what it costs, and provides a six-point plan for acquiring the decisive weapon in business wars.

The Six-Point Plan for Gaining the Competitive Edge includes:

  • Devising a service strategy
  • Getting top managers to behave like customer service fanatics
  • Concentrating on motivating and training employees
  • Designing products and services that make good customer service possible
  • Investing in service infrastructure
  • Monitoring achievement of customer service goals

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Overconnected released January 2011 by Delphinium Books & in e-book formats by Open Road Integrated Media